• Florist Shop in Vodice

    Our service extends beyond just the beauty of our flowers. Attention to detail, care and integrity are among our main values, and we will supply you with a wide floral selection to ensure that you get exactly the flowers you want at your event...
  • Sympathy & Memorial Flowers

    With a florist in Vodice from Jasmine, you get the best choice in the city for gifts, bouquets and flowers at any time of the year. We use fresh flowers and plants for a seasonal touch...
  • Florist Shop in Vodice

    We will provide you with weekly arrangements that are guaranteed to bring a tasteful, elegant, and sophisticated atmosphere to your current surroundings.
  • Weddings, Parties & Events

    If you need assistance with corporate or event planning, our floral designers can help you make your vision a reality
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Flowers have always been symbolic for tenderness and beauty,

and people have used flowers to celebrate, reflect and express themselves. Whether showing their deepest feelings, decorating creatively or making an event special, flowers are an important part of our lives. Deep connections must be nurtured and watered just like flowers. If they aren't taken care of, relationships will begin to fade just like the flowers do. At our "Jasmine" florist shop in Vodice, we will help you nurture the most important connections in your life.

Our little florist shop was named for the Jasmine flower. We are inspired by the flower's sensual, pleasant and fragrance. No matter what you need a bouquet or floral arrangement for, we will provide flowers to permeate the space like a warm Mediterranean breeze. We are here to provide an expression of beauty in your deepest moments of happiness, love or sorrow.

You can contact our little florist shop in Vodice for a wide variety of occasions such as birthdays, christenings, engagements, weddings and other celebratory events. Funerals, memorial services and other sad moments may need flowers to provide a touch of beauty to the difficult day. We have served the Vodice area since 2012 with garden fresh flower deliveries and pride ourselves on our service to customers throughout the city.